Hi. I'm UberFire.

UberFire is a Rich Client Platform for the web.
Make maintainable, customizable workbench-style apps in no time flat.

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UberFire is a Rich Client Platform that builds on the strengths of GWT and Errai.

Write and maintain your application code in the Java programming language with all of the Java tooling at your disposal, then deploy it to the browser as a native JavaScript + HTML application.

Flowchart showing one Java source file being compiled both to JavaScript and a Java class file

Flexible Layout

Demonstration of drag-and-drop views

Drag-and-drop layouts give your users control over their work environment.

Powerful VFS

UberFire has the power of GIT built in. A simple and clean NIO.2 based Virtual File System, using JGIT, ensures consistent APIs for both client and server. Supports change tracking and includes a metadata engine, full-text search, and security integration.

Client-side code that creates a file in the server-side VFS:

@Inject private FileSystem fs;
@Inject private Caller<VFSService> vfsServices;

public void onSaveButtonClicked() {
  Path path = PathFactory.newPath(
      fs, "readme.txt", "default://readme.txt");
  vfsServices.call().write(path, "Hello World!");

Fine-Grained Security

code {

Fully pluggable authentication and authorization system. Includes file, database, and JAAS out-of-the-box.

Native Plugin System

Develop plugins in Java against our declarative, typesafe APIs, or choose your favorite JavaScript framework and develop using that.

Plugins can contribute new perspectives, views, editors, menu items, and more to an UberFire project.

jQuery UI jQuery UI AngularJS Ember JS

Modular Design

Use the parts you want, and leave the rest behind.

Ready For Clustering

UberFire works flawlessly in clustered and highly-available deployments. GIT allows for a decentralised cluster, with efficient binary replication of content between nodes. Enjoy HA out-of-the-box: load balancing and failover just work!

Open Source

Developed in the open by the people who use it. Join us!

$ git clone https://github.com/uberfire/uberfire.git
$ cd uberfire
$ mvn install

UberFire is licensed under the Apache Software License, Version 2.0.

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