Home Perspectives

Every time a user logs in to an Uberfire application the system need to resolve what is the default perspective to show up. Next are the steps applied by this resolution procedure:

1.- The authorization policy is asked about the home perspective setting assigned to the user. For example:


For users with admin role the perspective with id=AdminDashboard is taken as the default.

If no home perspective is defined or access is not granted then the step #2 (see below) is evaluated.

NOTE: If the user belongs to more than one user role/group and there is more than one home perspective set then the role/group with the highest priority wins. If priorities are still the same then the first one is taken. Further details about priorities and conflict resolution are introduced in the Permission Resolution section.

2.- If no home perspective is set then the perspective marked as default is taken:

@WorkbenchPerspective(identifier = "HomePerspective", isDefault = true)
public class HomePerspective extends Composite {

Notice, a read permission over the target perspective is always required, which means making sure that the read permission is not explicitily denied. This applies to both steps 1 & 2.

In case it's not possible to determine what is the home perspective to redirect the application will show the following alert No home perspective available!

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