This guide will walk you through the process of setting up a new UberFire application. Starting from an empty directory, you will create a simple Task Manager, learning how everything works along the way.

UF tasks

If you’ve never seen a full-blown working UberFire app before, why not check out our Getting Started Guide first? It will help you get UberFire’s pre-made showcase application up and running on your system without getting bogged down in details.

This in-depth guide will be here waiting for you when you’re ready to scratch the surface and build something of your own.

So, assuming you’re already familiar with what UberFire can do, let’s get started!


This guide assumes you have the following software set up and working on your computer:

  • A Java Development Kit (JDK) version 6 or newer
  • Maven 3.x
  • IntelliJ IDEA or Eclipse IDE for Java EE Developers

Microsoft Windows users: be sure to use a 64-bit version of the JDK because Uberfire requires more heap space than can be addressed by a 32-bit VM.

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